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Shortest way to paradise


Easy Serve - Easy Drink


Make delicious rum cocktails with CARUMBOLA as a base - quick and 'easy serve' cocktails for every moment - pure enjoyment


Taste the flavour of real fruit in CARUMBOLA - 100% natural fruit - bursting with flavour - vegan


Made with passion and attention to detail - all ingredients are in perfect harmony


Dream of white beaches with palm trees! With CARUMBOLA, you always have the sun in your glass

Who are we?

We are Ingrid & Dirk. Our home base is Mechelen in Belgium. We have been a dream team for 30 years, with Ingrid’s creative skills matching perfectly with Dirk’s administrative superpowers. Entrepreneurship is in our genes. Seeing others enjoy themselves makes us intensely happy. And that is precisely why we are launching our new cocktail concept: we believe that people can genuinely enjoy our innovative flavours and imagine themselves on the Costa Del Sol, under a palm tree in Rio De Janeiro or in Cuba.

How it began

Work hard, play hard has always been our motto. Enjoyment fits the bill, but not just enjoyment. Especially enjoying the spontaneous moments, not having to think too much, being at home, going out with friends, … Because life is already complicated enough.

”Easy Serve’ cocktails

Your apero moments with cocktails, but strangely enough, we never made cocktails at home because it seemed too complex. It’s that habit we would like to change, we want everyone to be able to make a tasty cocktail in an easy and quick way … at home with friends or a bartender at a restaurant or the bar. That’s much more fun!

Artisanal and Belgian-made

We chose a small distillery for the production of CARUMBOLA because we value passion, craft and commitment.

Approvingly tasted

We came up with the recipes for our CARUMBOLA ourselves and then developed them further in collaboration with the distillery, which was able to strike the right balance with its sophisticated knowledge of flavours. Afterwards, we then refined with the CARUMBOLA tasting team to bring a top-notch product to market.

The CARUMBOLA family

CARUMBOLA was born out of a passion for rum and rumcocktails. Our ambition is to have a range of craft spirits which offers diverse and innovative flavours … something for everyone. Moreover, we wanted to make CARUMBOLA very accessible in the broadest sense and this from cocktail making to food pairings. Our 3 spirits are an ideal basis for making ‘easy serve’ rumcocktails and our rumliqueurs are perfect as a digestif or as the basis for an after-dinner cocktail.

Exotic, dreams, holiday spirit, conviviality and spontaneous moments, you will find it all in the entire CARUMBOLA family … from the flavour, to the label, the cocktails and the food pairings.

Have we reached you yet?

We are in the process of expanding into other countries. Are your customers interested in rum, rumcocktails, new flavours or Belgian products, please get in touch.