Enjoy the sun on your plate with all kinds of CARUMBOLA Rum delicacies. It is pure indulgence, a unique interplay of flavours between CARUMBOLA and other ingredients in all kinds of forms, it is ‘something so different’. Our creativity took us down different paths. We created all kinds of rum delights with local producers and we bring these special flavours to you. CARUMBOLA is much more than just a tasty rum-based drink.



The recipe for our original jam with booze consists of extra fruit, less sugar and a hint of CARUMBOLA rum. We go all out for a jam bursting with flavour, a real taste – without colouring or preservatives. These are traditionally made in Mechelen and also carry the HIB quality label (Handmade in Belgium).

The range of our jams with rum goes hand in hand with the CARUMBOLA rumbased spirits for which we use Caribbean rum. So you can not only enjoy delicious cocktails but now also our luxury jams.

We create surprising and special jam flavours, ‘something so different’ in taste. Pure indulgence for yourself or as a gift … a real taste experience for the gourmets among us.

The jams are ideal company at breakfast on a croissant or pistolet, on your pancake, with your cheese or pâté dish, in cocktails and so much more. We find inspiration in travelling and the passion to discover and introduce new products.

Our artisanal fruit rums add an extra touch to our jams. The combination of CARUMBOLA with outstanding quality fruit gives a delicious, magical jam.

Available in 240gr and Dark Spice in both 240gr and 40gr.

CARUMBOLA Confituur Truly Exotic - Confituur met drank

Truly Exotic

CARUMBOLA Confituur Very Berry - confituur met drank

Very Berry

CARUMBOLA Confituur Dark Spice - confituur met drank

Dark Spice



This is a ‘so something different’ chocolate spread, surprising and unique, made by hand in Mechelen. Moreover, they carry the HIB quality label (Handmade in Belgium).

Our CARUMBOLA rum chocolate spreads are creamy, crunchy and rich in flavour.

The recipe for our original rumbased chocolate spreads consists of real flavours … Callebaut Belgian chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts, condensed milk, salted butter and a hint of CARUMBOLA rum.

We go all out for a chocolate paste bursting with flavour with the best ingredients so real flavour with no colourings, preservatives or palm oil!

Pure indulgence for yourself, your company or as a gift … for the gourmets among us, this is a real taste experience.

Our CARUMBOLA chocolate spreads are particularly tasty at breakfast or brunch on a croissant or pistolet, on your pancake and so much more.

Our artisan-produced rum liqueurs add an extra touch to our chocolate spreads, it’s a magical combination.

The range of rumbased chocolate spreads goes hand in hand with our rumbased liqueurs for which we use Caribbean rum. So not only can you enjoy a delicious digestive or after-dinner cocktail but now you can also enjoy our chocolate pastes.

Available in 240gr and Creamy Chocolate both in 240gr and 40gr.

CARUMBOLA Choco Creamy Chocolate - Choco met drank

Creamy Chocolate

CARUMBOLA Choco Sweet Coffee - Choco met drank

Sweet Coffee



Chocolate Dark Spice

Belgium and chocolate … A praline could not be missing from the range. It is not just any praline but one that was conceived and made by Pieter Vaes, Gault&Millau chocolatier from Mechelen of ‘The Cacao Project’. This praline consists of a ganache filling of apricot and ‘CARUMBOLA Dark Spice’ and is finished with the blue which is a reference to the Dark Spice label. Simply sublimely delicious!



Maak je bedrijfsevent of feestje compleet met dessertjes op basis van CARUMBOLA. 

We geven klassiekers een Caribbean twist. De desserten die we aanbieden zijn tiramisu met CARUMBOLA Truly Exotic, chocomousse met Creamy Chocolate, cupcakes met topping van chocoladerumlikeur of met bessenrum en natuurlijk nog veel meer … en het feest is compleet. Uiteraard kunnen we dezelfde desserts ook niet-alcoholisch aanbieden. 

Desserts kunnen geleverd worden ter plaatse of we komen langs met onze foodtruck en kunnen combineren met andere (warme) dranken.