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Make a classic cocktail with a CARUMBOLA twist - replace one of the ingredients with CARUMBOLA

Old Fashioned with Exotic twist


60 ml CARUMBOLA Dark Spice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Cane sugar cube

How to make this cocktail?

Mix the cube of cane sugar with Angostura bitters and make a paste in the glass, pour in Dark Spice, add ice, stir well and finish with a curl of orange zest. Cheers!

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Make a simple rum cocktail with only 2 ingredients being CARUMBOLA and your mixer such as ginger ale, ginger beer, cola. The measures used depend on the strength you prefer.

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Have you made your own new rum cocktail with CARUMBOLA? Take a picture and share it on social media with the tag #carumbola @carumbolafruitrum.

Do you have a party, something to celebrate and would like to serve rum cocktails? CARUMBOLA will come to you with its mobile bar. We also offer other (non-alcoholic) drinks and, moreover, we can combine with catering - both for individuals and companies.